Webinar #4 – Support energy communities and gender-just energy communities

W4RES’ webinars on women empowerment and gender mainstreaming in the RHC sector are coming back on

Wednesday, 7th of September at 10-11:30 am CET

with the

Webinar #4 – Support energy communities and gender-just energy communities


Energy communities pave the way for a different, decentralized and democratic energy system, pushing the renewable energy production and supply to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 5). Community energy can be key to reaching a decarbonised economy and a crucial step in tackling climate change and  energy poverty. This is about more than windmills and solar panels. It is about production, distribution and storage of electricity. It is about heating, cooling and mobility. Community energy can help find a new balance between local economies and the global economy by using local and renewable resources while developing and keeping the knowledge in the regions and countries. It can help overcome the urban and rural divide, rich and poor can be engaged — because it empowers local people. Community energy leads to energy democracy, keeping the promise of an economy and society based on co-operation rather than competition.

The W4RES webinar n°4 ‘Support energy communities and gender-just energy communities’ is about starting to build the energy system of the future in your neighbourhood, your workplace, your university, or your town, right now, including the broad citizenship and focusing on gender and women’s empowerment.

Gender-just energy communities ensure not to exacerbate existing inequalities and participation schemes. Including citizens will increase the acceptance for the energy transition and that allows to accelerate the highly needed expansion of renewable energy.

On the 7th September, experts, energy community actors and WECF will guide participants through the model of gender-just energy communities, including challenges, lessons learnt and most adapted gender tools for implementation. A hands-on session will cloture our webinar and guide participants towards building their own gender-just energy communities.

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