Participation in international public procurement opens up doors to many opportunities – you can venture into new markets, expand your operations, and establish new partnerships. However, it also often leads to certain barriers – the most common of which is the language barrier.

Logically, each public agency will always publish a tender in their native language. While some decide to publish this information in other languages, most of them are not obliged to do so. This creates a problem for international bidders, who are not familiar with the language of the published tender. Taking a plunge and bidding on a tender whose information you do not understand in its entirety is an immense risk.

Certain institutions aim to relieve potential participants of this barrier. This is the case across the EU because the rules state that information should be equally available across all EU states and that there should be no discrimination among participants based on their origin. But while the EU pushes for more openness, some other countries do not exactly share the same enthusiasm – as is the case in Japan.

Not knowing the language puts you at a disadvantage compared to those who do, and this ultimately affects your probability of winning the tender. Fortunately, there are ways around this problem. The first, most obvious solution that comes to mind is to acquire the services of a translator. However, one should consider whether this is really the most efficient solution.

Instead of turning to translators for help, what if you found a local partner instead? Forming a partnership can optimise your chances in the entire bidding process and help you deliver the needed services in a more efficient and effective way. Furthermore, having a local partner automatically removes any language barriers that can keep you from bidding.

With Tenderio, not only do you have the chance to scan for tenders worldwid, and be regularly notified when new opportunities in your area appear, but you will also have basic description of all tenders in English. Furthermore, Tenderio has a network of entrusted consultants and experts whom you can reach out to with any questions you might run into.

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