Martin Vlachynsky (PEDAL Consulting) presented the projects Biovoices and Biobridges to the audience of the Biomonitor project meeting held on 3 June 2019 in Bratislava, Slovakia

As a consequence to the growing popularity of the bioeconomy in Europe, its information and statistics are lagging behind in various ways. These include the lack of comprehensive database and statistics for bio-based industries, missing transparent methodology for bio-based data collection and a lack of integrated value chain data and indicators that illustrate the flows of different bio-based materials’ processing system. The Biomonitor project will establish a sustainable and robust framework different stakeholders can use to monitor and measure the bioeconomy and its various impacts in relation to the EU and its Member States.

PEDAL Consulting was invited to the Bratislava meeting of Biomonitor partners. Rather a large consortium, consisting of 18 partners, represented by around 40 experts in the meeting, had an opportunity to learn about the Biovoices and Biobridges projects and their mutual inter-connections. Also, previous project (Bioways) was briefly mentioned.

The audience was interested in number of questions about the projects. These included:

  • What is the main difference between the two projects?
  • Are Biobridges events something more, than traditional business fairs?
  • If one of the major market obstacles for bio-based products is their higher price, what can be done about it?
  • Are there regional differences between the set of challenges faced by the bio-based products?
  • Where can be found materials about these projects?
  • Is Biovoices platform suitable also for interested individuals?
  • Is there any connection to other bioeconomy related projects?


The speaker explained the unique aspects of both projects. Also, offers for potential future cooperation were presented.