Welcome to the third YOUTH IMPACT Newsletter and the second one in 2020.

The YOUTH IMPACT project develops and delivers practical tools for impact evaluation to organisations focused on enhancing employment and entrepreneurship of young people.

The project is now starting the second half of it’s 2nd year.
What did we work on during the spring and the beginning of this summer?

What are the next exciting steps and developments in the project?

Whether you are a researcher, an evaluator, an entrepreneur, or just an impact evaluation enthusiast, stay tuned and check all the news we have for you!

Youth Impact Events In Spring 2020

Poland (FRDL)

Due to limited opportunities to meet, there were no in-person events organized during the spring. However, YOUTH IMPACT core team continued meeting, working together and most importantly, planning the upcoming steps and events of the project.

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Youth Impact Work In Spring 2020

  • FRDL organized three above mentioned workshops in order to define the scheme of the toolbox for employment support actions evaluation that is being finished right now in cooperation with all partners
  • Channel Crossings team worked on building up the e-version of learning course on impact evaluation
  • All together we published articles and worked on the scheme and future contents of blended learning courses
  • We started work together on the rest of the work packages (5-8)

Youth Impact Publications In Spring 2020

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