TETRA – Accelerating the new Internet generation

The project “TETRA – Technology harvest & transfer for an Open Internet initiative” will develop and implement a series of business-support activities targeted at ‘R&I Actions’ and their third parties. It is funded under the topic H2020-ICT-24-2018-2019. The aim being to help turn their research results into marketable products and services and prepare them for success in the marketplace.

The ultimate goal of the Open Internet Initiative is to develop a more human-centric Internet. It should support values of openness, cooperation across borders, decentralisation, inclusiveness and protection of privacy. In this way it will give the control back to the users in order to increase trust in the Internet.

It should provide more transparent services, more intelligence, greater involvement and participation. These would lead towards an Internet that is more open, robust and dependable, more interoperable as well as more supportive of social innovation.


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Published by admin on 5 June 2023