PopulAIR - Improving air quality in Slovakia

The 8-year project “LIFE-IP SK Improving air quality in Slovakia and surrounding countries” started in January 2020. Its aim is to support and reinforce the administrative structure and capacity. In this way, it will ensure effective implementation of Air Quality Management Plans as well as to promote air quality measures. Lastly, also it will also contribute to the increase of the public awareness about the importance of air quality and its improvement. 

Coordinated by the Slovak Ministry of Environment, the project is implemented also by:

  • the Slovak Environment Agency,
  • six self-governing regions (Banská Bystrica, Trenčín, Trnava, Žilina, Prešov and Košice),
  • the Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute
  • the Energy Research Centre – Technical University of Ostrava.

PEDAL Consulting is responsible mainly for the project management and dissemination tasks. Additionally, about 50 other stakeholders will be involved in the implementation phase in various capacities.