Mediterranean Forest-Wood Supply Chain to be revolutionized by DIGIMEDFOR initiative

A groundbreaking project DIGIMEDFOR was introduced during the kick-off meeting on 19.-20. June 2023 by the coordinator Università Degli Studi di Napoli Federico II in Naples (Italy). Together with PEDAL Consulting and other project partners from 11 countries, they marked the start of transforming the technological landscape of the Mediterranean forest-wood supply chain to boost its competitiveness.

The overall goal, set to be achieved during the following 3 years, is to empower stakeholders to effectively manage forests and supply multiple ecosystem services, including the traceability of wood from forests to end-users.

In line with the EU forest and digital strategies, DIGIMEDFOR has got the potential to leverage advanced and innovative digital solutions to revolutionize the monitoring and management of forest resources.

The Mediterranean (MED) region consists of more than 25 million hectares of forests and approximately 50 million hectares of other wooded lands. Currently, it faces significant challenges caused by climatic and socio-economic changes. Moreover, the forest-wood supply chain’s low competitiveness is even more underlined by the limited access of forest managers and companies to current and cutting-edge digital technologies.

That´s why the focus of the DIGIMEDFOR approach lies in the integration of geo-spatial, artificial intelligence (AI), and digital twin technologies, combined with information and communication technology.  Such a synergetic combination will pave the way for enhanced forest management and unlock unprecedented opportunities for the entire sector.

PEDAL Consulting, as a member of the consortium, is ready to help with:

  • the customer identification,
  • the value proposition design,
  • the exploration of business models,
  • the commercialisation of pathways

to exploit the project results.

DIGIMEDFOR project is funded by the European Commission, under the Horizon Europe Programme. The allocated budget reaches the amount of € 5.964.610.

The press release from the kick-off meeting of the DIGIMEDFOR project (in Italian):

The summary of the DIGIMEDFOR initiative: