ONE EARTH – Innovative bio-based solutions transforming residual biomass

The ONE EARTH project aims to create a circular value chain by developing innovative bio-based solutions transforming and valorizing residual biomass of animal origin. The process will provide for production of valuable products for the cosmetic, agricultural, feeds industries, and beyond. By integrating marine and terrestrial biomass in a circular economy approach, it will promote sustainability and a self-reinforcing carbon cycle.

Objectives of the initiative:

  • Valorization of residual biomass by transforming them into valuable products using biotechnological processes, fostering the creation of integrated value chains between the terrestrial and aquatic industries.
  • Enhancement of environmental sustainability of biomass valorisation processes, reducing carbon footprint, promoting resource efficiency, waste reduction, together with a circular bioeconomy.
  • Development and assessment of new bio-based products such as nutraceuticals, cosmetics, bioadhesives, fertilizers, and aquaculture feeds from residual biomass.
  • Evaluation of project potential and opportunities to promote industrial initiatives and new businesses, ensuring economic and social viability of the proposed solutions.

Activities to be carried out during the project implementation:

  • Analysing existing biomass resources such as dairy, poultry and fish industries residues and evaluate the technological feasibility of converting these biomass residues into valuable products.
  • Developing and testing solutions by implementing pilot experiments in field and laboratory research.
  • Developing and testing biotechnological processes and innovative treatments.
  • Stakeholder engagement and knowledge transfer: engaging stakeholders from relevant industries and research communities to co-develop and validate solutions.
  • Exploring and analyzing future possibilities of industrialising the project’s results. Mainly through sustainability analyses performed coherently with Safe and Sustainable by Design (SbD) framework. The aim being the evaluation and overcoming safety, economic, environmental, and social concerns.

The ONE EARTH project consortium consists of 14 partners from Italy, Spain, Croatia, Portugal, Belgium, Greece, Germany, Ukraine, Slovakia, and Switzerland. It is coordinated by Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna (UNIBO). The cross-sectoral partnership includes small and medium-sized enterprises, universities, research centers and large companies leveraging technology.

PEDAL Consulting’s responsibilities will focus on communication, dissemination and exploitation of the project and its results. As well as on providing the socio-economic impact, together with circular, regulatory and safety assessments.