What we do


PEDAL Consulting is a management consulting firm. We focus on the design and implementation of partnerships and cooperation models to address societal challenges. Our mission is to help yours!

We are a multinational team of accomplished professionals striving to deliver outstanding results to clients – from both the public and private sectors across multiple industries, geographies, and policy domains.

We pride ourselves on creating extended networks in:

  • all EU member states,
  • wider Europe,
  • Eurasia,
  • Africa,
  • MENA,
  • South America,
  • the United States.

We operate in three main domains:

  1. Tenders
    We are the founder as well as the manager of the TENDERIO platform – one stop shop for public tenders.

  2. Grants
    We are the leading national H2020 SME performer in terms of number of approved projects.

  3. Alternative financing
    We foster business and investment partnerships for growth.

We secure the right funding for the right problems!

1. We think like the owner

Our team members have the freedom to move and make decisions within company parameters autonomously. We are willing to take risks if we want to progress. We are prepared to make mistakes, admit and understand them. In this way, we use this experience to move forward.

2. As soon and best as possible

In PEDAL Consulting, we tend to deliver the assignment way before the deadline. We impress our partners with the speed of our actions. At the same time, we abandon the fantasy of being flawless. We focus on being antifragile. This means no matter the outcome, we learn from it and adapt.

3. Wow moments

We are intentionally collecting the “Wow Moments” (compliments) when we exceed our clients’ or partners’ expectations. Every time it is better than expected.

4. We care

Our job doesn’t end with the submission of a deliverable. Nor after the organization of a successful event. Or upon the receipt of the final payment. We look at everything we do from the wider perspective. We truly care about the broader impact caused by our actions. All our results are meant to serve as an input to something else. Something meaningful.

We are proud to be:

  • the leading national Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe SME performer
  • a coordinator of the unique USAID project (with the budget of 3M USD) performed in the EU
  • the leading national COSME 2020 SME performer

We are sorry, but we do not write proposals for other companies/institutions. However, we are more than happy to become your project partner and share our expertise with others.

We are a multinational team of experts with rich experience in different fields. We can offer our services primarily in the following fields:

* Feasibility studies
* Business plans
* Capacity building
* Foresight studies
* Due – diligence
* Event management
* Partner search 
* Legal & Accounting
* Gap analysis
* Dissemination & Communication
* Demonstrations & Pilots
* Validation & impact assessment
* Financial support for third parties (FSTP) 

For those interested in doing business abroad, we have made a one-stop shop for tendering across Europe. For more info, visit www.tenderio.com.

With the aim to support new business ideas, we helped to set up the company Oxigen in December 2020. It seeks to unlock solutions for companies interested in scaling beyond their borders. Mainly through attracting investment and matchmaking services with investors. For more info, visit https://oxigensrl.com.

We always try to close the gap in your project proposal, regardless of whether you are:

  • a private company,
  • a research institute and/or university
  • a larger national organisation or association,
  • a public institution,
  • an international organisation.

We are very happy to be the leading SME performer of three extensive EU schemes: Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe, and COSME programme.

Especially in terms of number of projects approved and implemented:

  • projects managed: € 118.9M
  • contracts: 50+ EU/US
  • strategic partners: 40+
  • clients: 150+
  • unsuccessful proposals – lessons learnt: 100+