Green Tec Lab – Green start-ups for climate protection

The project “Empowerment for green start-ups to foster climate protection and sustainability (Green Tec Lab)” contributes to the development of user-oriented, innovative service structures in three target countries. They all support the use of new green, climate related technologies. 

The development of market-based service structures creates new labour markets, especially in economically weak regions undergoing structural change. These usually lead to a better economic performance of the regions and to a reduction of (youth) unemployment (IMPACT). 

For this purpose, co-creative structures will be established in four regions to support potential green founders, but also public funded projects in this field. A tripartite approach of GreenTecLabs (local, mobile and virtual) supports young qualified and committed people in the regions in the development of new service and project ideas. It also stands for empowerment in terms of entrepreneurial skills and assists in the acquisition of private and public investors and funding. 

The participants are qualified and coached in an interdisciplinary and technical way. Such know-how for the competence development is presented by the heterogeneous project team and implemented in the qualification workshops and coaching measures. A special focus is placed on female participants and on regional dissemination of the structures into rural regions.

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