ITHACA – Responsible artificial intelligence in civic participation

The ITHACA project aims to better understand the complexities and controversies for applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the field of civic participation. Also, to emulate new and responsible practices of research and innovation that anchor AI technologies design in human rights, values and principles, and moral and ethical reflection.

ITHACA project plans to:

  • develop and test human-centric Artificial Intelligence and Ethics by designing an online discussion platform for civic participation in local governance;
  • incorporate human and social interpretations into the design process to ensure that AI decision-making processes are explainable, transparent and fair;
  • pay particular attention to the needs and voices of citizens from vulnerable groups, ensuing that human rights impacts stemming in every phase of the development;
  • engage citizens and experts to ensure that the algorithmic systems are comprehensively monitored, debated and addressed;
  • establish two pilots – one in Martin (SK) and the other in Brasov (RO) to assess the ability of AI to enhance citizens´ participation in local governance while preventing or minimizing possible adverse effects;
  • empower citizens with knowledge about the AI functioning.

Based on its implementation experience, ITHACA will define a data governance framework with relevant ethical principles and practices. They will be implemented in the design, development, and deployment process for AI civic engagement platforms as well as policy recommendations on philosophical, legal and ethical values. These should be embedded in the development of such a platform.

The project is coordinated by Konnekt Able Technologies Limited (IE). The project consortium is comprised of PEDAL Consulting and 11 other partners sourced from Greece, Belgium, Romania, Slovakia and Austria.

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ITHACA project to enhance civic participation through artificial intelligence

Posted by admin on 6 February 2023