ROBIN – Circular bioeconomies

The project “ROBIN – Deploying circular BIOecoNomies at Regional level with a territorial approach” is set to empower Europe’s Regions. Especially with regard to the adaptation of their governance models and structures in ways that accelerate the achievement of their circular bioeconomy targets. In such a way, social innovation and accounting for different territorial contexts will be promoted.

To this end, a structured methodology will be used to establish and demonstrate the potential of innovative bioeconomy governance models and structures in five European Regions: Southern Region (IE), Baden-Württemberg (DE), Andalucia (ESP), Central Macedonia (GR) and Zilina (SK).   

The project is coordinated by Q-PLAN International Advisors. PEDAL Consulting is one of the 13 partners spread all over Europe that have secured a budget of 2 499 953 euros to roll this project out.