SKILL BILL - ReSKILLing for sustainability

The project “SKILL BILL – Skill to boost innovation and professional fulfilment in a sustainable economy” aims to develop a large and strong foundation for the growth and acceleration of renewable energy’s deployment. Mainly thanks to the engagement with stakeholders of the whole chain, diffusion of scientific culture and skilling multi-level workers.

The basic idea underling the project is that the knowledge should be diffused at several different levels. It should be qualitatively appropriate to train the adequate number of workers, to increase renewable energy sources (RES) awareness, and to reach more social and inclusive Europe.

The project also concentrates on the creation of several pathways to induce target groups to get interested or involved in RES, besides their initial level of
education and their working position. Thus, the technological RES potential can be reached by:

  • increasing hard and soft skills of potential users and stakeholders,
  • developing interest in the topic
  • having clear and appropriate approaches, such as tools and learning modules using suitable language.

It’s important, beside the creation of instruments for the upskilling and reskilling of workers, technician and designers, to have awareness modules for unspecific public. The goal being the fight against ignorance, fake news, gender gap and the phenomenon of functional illiteracy. It is widely documented that lifelong suitable learning process is the fundamental driver to support the development, maintenance and update of skills.

This project is coordinated by AZZERO CO2 SRL. The project consortium is comprised of PEDAL Consulting and 9 other partners from countries all over Europe.

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Posted by admin on 22 January 2024