GreenVOCnet - Vocational Empowerment for a Green and Socially Just Transition

The main goals of the project are the creation of innovative and attractive vocational education and training (VET) offers as well as the improvement of innovation management of VET schools and small and medium-sized enterprises. In this way, the increased use of green technologies can be supported.  

The project aims at mitigating climate change and saving emissions in the three target regions of Greece, Spain and Slovakia. Especially by building professional expertise in climate-relevant technologies. Since in all the regions, a significant lack of updated professional expertise in eco-innovation among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and VET can be observed.

The project is implemented via the international, academic, expert advisory board (EAB) together with local networks of VET providers, SMEs and regional / local institutional and political actors responsible for VET.

Two certified training programs focusing on heat pumps and renewable energy, as well as green hydrogen are being developed under the guidance of the EAB.

The GreenVOCnet project is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action from the European Climate Initiative.  Forschungsinstitut für innovative Arbeitsgestaltung und Prävention e.V. (FIAP) is coordinating a consortium of 3 partners. PEDAL Consulting plays a crucial role in Slovakia, overseeing the implementation of all project activities and facilitating knowledge transfer between the EAB and local networks.